Waking the Goddess

21 Days to Remember, Reconnect and Rise | taught by Yoga Goddess Leaders
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Yoga Goddess  Leaders
Yoga Goddess Leaders

About the instructor

The Yoga Goddess Leaders are a carefully chosen, select group of women that are coming together to help the Divine Feminine rise by empowering women to find their voice.

We are ready to start #WakingTheGoddess.

We are ready to give YOU the tools to be your OWN Guru and to teach you how to help OTHERS do the same.

Together, with our years of training, personal practice and certifications, we bring you practical lessons, skills and techniques that you can use to enhance your own personal practice as well as instill them in the practices of others.

It's time to Rise. Are you with us?

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In this 21 day program, you will receive daily motivation in the form of tips, practices or techniques to help you stay committed to your spiritual path.

We will dig deep into cycles, rhythms, our connection to the Earth, ritual and ultimately our inner Divine Feminine, Intuition, Goddess-selves.

You will get to participate in our live virtual Full Moon and New Moon Ceremony for January where we can all connect, release and set intentions together.

It's highly recommended that you also purchase the YGA book of the month so you can follow along and go even more in depth with your own power.

Course curriculum will be added daily beginning January 2nd! We'll post every week day and give you the weekends off to catch up! Final day is January 30th. 

Course Contents

23 Videos
39 Texts
2 PDFs
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Course Curriculum

21 Day Yoga, Meditations & Practices