Yoga Goddess Academy

Step into your power and start living the life you deserve | taught by Crystal Gray

Course description

Join an exclusive tribe of women in this sacred space.

Start or continue your journey to cultivate your Divine Feminine and unleash your inner Goddess to find happiness, contentment and purpose with daily teachings!

When you join the Yoga Goddess Academy you'll get practices in:

    • Yogic elements and mysticism such as mudras, mantras, and pranayama
    • How to Use Crystals in your every day life
    • Voice and Sound Healing
    • Rituals, Lunar and Feminine Cycles
    • 15 minute yoga practices
    • Dream Interpretation
    • Meditation
    • Journaling
    • and more!

This is for you if...

    • Struggle with uncertainty in life's endeavors.
    • Feel like you aren't living in your fullness.
    • Know there is more sacredness, depth, joy and love possible in this life
    • Feel like something is missing but you don't know what.
    • Know that life can be much more magical, but aren't sure how to make it happen.
    • Are sick of living a hum drum life, knowing you're meant for more.
    • Don't want to waste any more time by playing small in your life.
    • Want to find a community of sisters to lift you up so you don't feel alone.

    What You'll Get

    Daily 15-20 minute practices to keep your spiritual path illuminated.

    Downloadable workbook with supplemental information and journaling prompts to keep you on track.

    A variety of spiritual teachings from different schools of thought.

    Tools to enhance your meditative practices, Goddess ceremonies, and connection with like-hearted Divine Feminine Priestesses.

    Special events such as monthly Full Moon Ceremonies, yoga classes and other workshops in a virtual classroom!

"1) I am gaining so much knowledge in a range of different practices that have helped me grow as a more mindful and balanced person which I had been striving for for a while! 2) My only reservation was money but I quickly realized the investment in myself was worth so much more! And have become a lot more abundant from taking this amazing step into my personal growth. 3) I am a lot more aware of my thoughts and handling my anxieties a lot better thanks to this academy. Not only in the teachings but in the genuine support from this group of women! I have become a better yogi as well as noticed so many doors of opportunity open right in front of me. 4) This academy is making it very accessible with the accountability I needed to give myself a daily self care routine. I look forward to the activities of the day and set that time aside for myself which was something I never did before that had caused me a lot of health issues. I'm healthier, more mindful and growing in my own business thanks to this academy."

~ Melissa D.

"1. I have gained a community of women to learn from and grow with. 2. I was reserved about the program because of the cost, but it has been very much worth it! 3. My life is changing drastically- my living situation changed, my husband and I are getting along better and working together on a creative project, my attitude has been much more positive, and I've started to have a much better relationship with myself and be aware of how I can help myself instead of put myself down or beat myself up. 4. I was raised strictly Christian, and some time ago I lost my way in my belief system. I have always strived to be a good person and give back, but I never found anything to replace church/prayer until discovering yoga/meditation and finding out that everything I need is within myself."

~ Bethany B.

"I get chills even thinking about what I have gotten out of this program. I have learned so much about myself and the people around me. I realized how incredibly important it is to take time for me for my own health and sanity. The day I decided to join it was a sign that it was for me. I was very skeptical about the money because we were moving out of our home and need to be saving for a down payment on a new home. I thought about how much it would cost if I was leaving my house a couple times a week to go and practice at a studio and knew the cost would be worth it. I KNOW now it is beyond worth the money. My life is becoming so much more peaceful. Besides someone in it that I am hoping to work more on my relationship with through this and therapy I am so happy and so much calmer. My kids are calmer and quieter. I am connecting so much with my spirit and really becoming ME again!!! I am gradually solving issues I had when questioning my religion and my relationships. I have lots of work to do and really look forward to the next academy and Harvest Women's Retreat and learning more. I am self disciplined and I find time for me EVERY DAY!!!"

~ Rachel E.

During our 12 weeks together you'll:

Learn a variety of spiritual practices in one place instead of searching all over the internet, saving you valuable time.

Save money by getting all the resources in one reputable place, and never wonder about the quality.

Get to know the highly qualified instructors and learn from them in a sacred and supportive space where you are free to open up and be vulnerable.

Build relationships with other like-minded women who cherish the same values and principles you do, and are working towards the same thing.

Get support to start moving towards your dreams and making them a reality instead of continuing to live in this state of, "I'll never get there."

Learn to fully embody your Goddess potential so you feel like the empowered woman you are.

Gain an understanding of the physical, emotional, mental, psychological and spiritual balance of manifesting and working with the chakra system. Full spectrum learning and transformation.

Become happier, more stress-free daily life, grow leaps & bounds in consciousness, spirituality, relationships...

Finally feel empowered and inspired. Your heart will be more open and you will be more connected to yourself so that you can continue creating a life of magic and power.

Crystal Gray
Crystal Gray
Senior Yoga Teacher/Intuitive Coach/Creator of Yoga Goddess Academy

Crystal Gray

Crystal Gray is an accomplished yoga teacher who has successfully started and sold a thriving yoga studio.

She loves leading students through classes that incorporates alignment and intelligent sequencing to build up to pinnacle poses. 

Her classes are great for new students all the way to yoga teachers themselves as her cueing, alignment and sequencing can all be incorporated into a home practice or into planning classes for your students.

She helps new yoga teachers own their gifts by working with them to uncover who their dream client is and by giving them the tools to develop unique and inspiring classes that will keep those students coming back class after class!

Crystal has built thriving tribes in her local community as well as online. In addition to opening and selling a successful yoga studio, she owns a 20 acre organic farm with her husband and balances her online business while taking care of their daughter.

Teaching since 2005, she inspires women to step fully into their power and start creating a life and business that will give them the abundance they deserve.