Yoga Goddess Academy 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Online | taught by Yoga Goddess Leaders
Yoga Goddess  Leaders
Yoga Goddess Leaders

About the instructor

The Yoga Goddess Leaders are a carefully chosen, select group of women that are coming together to help the Divine Feminine rise by empowering women to find their voice.

We are ready to start #WakingTheGoddess.

We are ready to give YOU the tools to be your OWN Guru and to teach you how to help OTHERS do the same.

Together, with our years of training, personal practice and certifications, we bring you practical lessons, skills and techniques that you can use to enhance your own personal practice as well as instill them in the practices of others.

It's time to Rise. Are you with us?

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Are you ready to shine your light but not sure how?

Becoming a yoga teacher is one of the best ways to start helping people change their lives by sharing all you've learned through yours!

The Yoga Goddess online yoga teacher training will help students learn how to confidently teach yoga poses, breathing, meditation, yoga philosophy and more. 

It will give you the platform you need to start making an impact in this world. 

Alignment, cueing, sequencing and planning classes will be heavily focused upon. Students will feel confident in their abilities after concluding the training. They will learn how to hold space for students and how to teach students of all different shapes and sizes and how to teach students to be their own Gurus.  

You will have access to expert teachers and business coaches to help you refine your teaching skills, find your unique teaching style, uncover who you ideal client is, what you want your business to look like and how to build awareness of your brand!

What makes this yoga teacher training different?

The biggest complaint we hear from students that are in a training or have been through a training is that they feel like they didn’t get enough 1:1 attention or that they didn't feel comfortable asking questions. In this training, you’ll never feel lost or left behind and all questions are welcome!

You will get 1 one-hour session per month with a different trainer. Each session will focus on a different area to help you round out your training and deeply develop your skills. 

You will be able to ask any questions that may arise. We will do these calls on Zoom, our own virtual classroom so you can ask anything that you are not feeling confident in, including alignment, business, social media and more! You will be required to practice teach in some of these calls so that we can hone your skills. 

Along with the monthly 1:1, you'll also have access to a monthly group call where we will practice teach, ask questions and strengthen relationships so you never feel alone on this journey!

Once per month we will also offer a one hour Q&A call so you never feel left behind.

Most calls are scheduled for 3pm CST on Sunday afternoons.

Do this training where and when it’s comfortable for you. Unlike in-person trainings, you will be able to go more at your own speed though it will be beneficial to set a schedule and move through at a steady pace.

You’ll not only have the manual online but you’ll also have videos on alignment and how to teach the poses to others.

Every month for 9 months you’ll get…

  • New modules uploaded into a private membership site
  • New videos uploaded 
  • One 1:1 calls with lead trainer
  • Group Zoom calls
  • Access to at least 7 different trainers, each with their own area of expertise
  • A beautiful yoga teacher training manual
  • A community where you'll build lasting relationships

This is for you if you…


  • Want to have a bigger voice but aren’t sure where to start…
  • Want to use a YTT as a platform for something bigger…
  • Don’t know enough about yoga to feel confident sharing it…
  • Don’t have time or schedules don’t fit for local trainings…
  • Are too self-conscious to go to an in-person training at this time
  • Don’t think you look like the typical yogi and it holds you back…

Sound familiar? Then this training is for you!

Or maybe you…

  • Want to do a training on your own time, in the comfort of your own home.
  • Want to do more than just teach a couple classes a week at a local yoga studio.
  • Want a yoga teacher training certification to be a stepping stone to something more.  You have dreams of teaching 1:1, being a coach, having online offerings or leading retreats.
  • Have completed a 200 hour YTT but don’t feel it provided sufficient training in sequencing, class planning, alignment, cueing, or enough to help you become a confident teacher.
  • Want to plan a great class but also create space for deep personal growth for clients, this training is for you.




$208/12 months

Mentorship Program for Certified Teachers

Already a yoga teacher but still lack confidence with your teaching skills or need support with building your business? 

Then this program is for you!

What's included:

  • One 1:1 session per month for 9 months
  • Choose from our panel of expert trainers to create the perfect learning experience for you
  • Monthly group Q&A calls 
  • Have access to a private, supportive community to answer questions, give value, and rally around you to build your confidence as a teacher
  • Yoga business workbooks to help you find clarity and move your business forward


$1297 (pay-in-full)


$155/month for 9 months

Our Trainers

Crystal Gray


Lead Trainer, Yoga Expert

Adriana Lee

RYT 200

Yoga Expert

Clarissa Thompson

E-RYT 200, RYT 500, YACEP

Yoga Expert

Tami Galbreath

RYT 200

Yoga Expert

Kristina Blunt

E-RYT 500

Yoga Expert

Amanda Kingsmith

RYT 200

Business Coach

Paloma Neuman

Business Coach

Julia McDonald

LMT, 200 E-RYT

Ysmay Walsh

Business Coach, Expert Strategist

After you complete this course you:

  • will get a 200 hour yoga teacher certificate
  • will not be able to register with the Yoga Alliance
  • will be able to confidently lead private and group classes
  • will know how to get started building a business
  • will have developed lasting relationships
  • will have your own unique teaching style and voice

Course Contents

33 Videos
13 Texts
2 PDFs
200.0 hrs