Intro to Dreamwork | Meli Santos

Yoga Goddess Academy | taught by Meli De Los Santos
Meli De Los Santos
Meli De Los Santos
Goddess Leader

About the instructor

Hello everyone!  I'm Meli De Los Santos a certified dream interpreter, lunar mystic, holistic healer and an aspiring yogi.  I use dream interpretations as an inside tool to find and release suppressed emotions that keep us up at nights.  

With me you will learn all about attaining a better sleep quality, remember your dreams and tune in to the hidden messages your dreams hold.  This will help you become aware of your true feelings, the ones we ignore or justify throughout the day yet keep us up at nights.  

I will also guide you into finding the source of these hidden emotions and the appropriate holistic tools to help you regain peace both in your waking life and dreamtime.  

I can’t wait to connect with you all! 

13 modules

Includes one 1:1 session with the instructor

Course Contents

13 Texts